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Pastor's Corner

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Enjoying some welcome rest and relaxation!

Cindy and I will be taking some vacation time over the next two weeks.

A little rest & relation is importance for us all. Note that Jesus often tried to find

time alone for prayer or rest — not always successfully! We want to thank Gary DePatis,

who will be leading worship today; Pastor Deb Reese, who will be leading worship on Feb. 4; along with Cody Heubner and Jenna Davis, who will be leading the confirmation class for the

next two Sundays. We have a wonderful confirmation class this year: Addison Duis, Brock Davis, Owen Gronewold, Regan Heubner, Tate Karrick, and Wesley Sampson.

When you see them, please congratulate them on their decisions to participate in confirmation. Once they have been confirmed, they are adults in the eyes of the church. So,

when we vote as a congregation, each of their votes counts the same as a 50-year member!

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