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Giving Back to Your Church

Next Sunday (Dec. 10), we’ll be turning in our pledge cards for 2024. Pledge cards are included in today’s bulletins, and you should have received a pledge card in the mail last month. Pledging a portion of our income to the Church is a way of demonstrating our commitment to Christ and praising our Lord. Even Jesus and His disciples needed funds, and Luke 8:3 tells us that Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Susanna “and many others provided for them out of their resources.” Mary Magdalene, of course, plays a key role in the early church and Joanna is identified later in Luke’s Gospel as one of the women who went to the tomb that Sunday and found the stone rolled away and the tomb empty. Of Susanna, though, nothing more is known. But perhaps we don’t need to know more. The fact that she provided for Jesus and the disciples says enough!

Yours in Christ, Pastor Rick Pierce, Petersburg United Methodist Church

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