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Roman Holiday

Cindy and I will be traveling to Rome later this week. Please pray for our safety,

and for Ginny and John Ramage, who will also be going.

For Cindy and I, this is our long delayed 40th wedding anniversary trip

(because of COVID), but we’re going to help us better understand our faith story.

After all, Rome is where both Peter and Paul are said to have been martyred for the

faith. Church tradition tells us that Peter was crucified upside down at the foot of Vatican Hill where St. Peter’s Church stands today. Paul was said to have been beheaded.

(As a Roman citizen, Paul merited a quicker death than the apostle Peter.)

The site of Paul’s beheading is said to be marked by the Church of St. Paul at the Three

Fountains. Supposedly, Paul’s head bounced three times on the ground. At each spot a

spring appeared. We thank Gary DePatis, who will lead worship on April 30, and Brooke Heubner, who will lead worship on May 7.

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