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Tuning into God’s Message

Most of us remember trying to tune in a radio station on an old car radio. You’d turn the dial and there was a lot of noise until you got it tuned in perfectly. Buzz, hiss, hum, and pop!

We’re a lot like those old radios. We can’t seem to home in on the heavenly signal.

There’s too much interference, preventing us from hearing the heavenly signal clearly. Or the heavenly signal may seem to go in and out – strong one second, weak the next -- like trying to stay on a particular radio station in the mountains.

So, what are the enemies of tuning into God’s message, of hearing it clearly?

· Busy-ness. We’ve got too much going on. We say we have no time, yet the average American spend 5.4 hours a day on their smartphones!

· Short attention span. At the same time, our attention spans are dwindling, down to just eight seconds. That’s less than a goldfish!

· Competing messages. The average person hears or sees 6,000-10,000 promotional messages or branded items (like Colgate toothpaste) a day. The focus of the world is on ourselves. The focus of faith is on God and others.

· Priorities. The heavenly message is often an afterthought, squeezed in between work, school, sports, and travel.

The Bible tells us, in Col. 3:2, “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” Rick Warren’s great book, “The Purpose Driven Life,” begins with this simple and very telling sentence: “It’s not about you.”

Remember, it’s not just about reading the Bible. That’s God talking to us. It’s also about prayer. That’s us talking to God.

If we will only tune into God – and give God our time -- God will give us forever!

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